Wyoming is What America Was

Leadership, Experience, Service and Values Mean Something

Leadership requires taking a stand
Strong Conservative Values
Accessible, Accountable and Action Oriented
Uinta County must be at the table, if not we are on the menu
Protect, Preserve, Promote and Safeguard Uinta County, our Residents, and our Quality of Life
Do the right thing, do it right away and do it right
A true leader is impeccable with their word, and care about doing the right thing. Their actions match their words and are congruent with their values.

Meet Jon

I have faithfully been serving our Country, State and County my entire life and I wish to continue this by representing you as your Representative in the Wyoming Legislature.  My wife and I have been residents of Mountain View since 1995 and have raised 5 children in this great community.  Strong conservative values are the foundation of our enduring moral order.

I am a retired MSgt and a VFW with 21 years of service. I hold degrees in Aircraft Avionics, Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration.  I have also served on the Wyoming Economic Development Board of Directors, Uinta Economic Development Commission, Wyoming Veterans Commission, Wyoming Workforce Development Council (Chair), Wyoming Board of Parole (Vice Chair), Uinta County Suicide Prevention Task Force, Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom, Veterans Freedom Festival and the Uinta County Board of Trustees #4.

My leadership, accountability in delivering results to our citizens and ensuring our posterity is protected in this ever-changing world of ours is not only a priority but a fundamental value. I truly believe ‘Uinta County makes Wyoming Great!’

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