About Jon Conrad

About Jon

I was born in Findlay Ohio to wonderful parents where my mother was a homemaker, and my father was a heavy equipment operator for 50 years with the same stone quarry company.  They both instilled in me a belief and foundation of hard work, integrity, honesty and serving your fellow man.

I am product of public schools and vocational education which I received in High School.  I enlisted in the USAF when I was seventeen with my parents’ consent.  Immediately upon graduation, still seventeen years old, I left for Basic Training.  Upon completion of Basic Training, I then attending Technical Training as an Integrated Avionics Communications, Navigation, and Penetration Aids specialist on the F-16 aircraft.  This lengthy title is better described as the technician who is responsible for almost the entire electronic systems in the cockpit.  This includes radios, navigational systems, flight control system, radar, and electronic counter measure systems.

My career in the USAF enabled me to be stationed, travel and spend time in Egypt, Spain, South Korea, Thailand, Denmark, Italy, Germany, England, Midway Island, Australia, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and multitude of States in the USA.

After serving ten years of active duty and upon service in Southwest Asia in Desert Shield/Desert Storm, I decided to enlist in the USAF Reserves with the 419th Fighter Wing at Hill AFB Utah.  I pursued my college degree’s acquiring a degree in Aircraft Avionics, Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration.  I then began a career in the Soda Ash industry which I have been a part of for 27 years.  Those years are described within my resume which I encourage you to read.

After 21 years of military service, I retired from the military and now serve our veterans as the Commander of VFW Post 7798 in the Bridger Valley.

Throughout my life I was fortunate to have served for Gov. Fruedenthal and Gov. Mead as the Chairman for the Wyoming Workforce Development Council.  The Wyoming Workforce Development Council (WWDC) is a board of leaders from around the state, hand-selected by the governor to serve with statewide workforce development. Members assist the governor by ensuring the system supports robust regional and state economies and produces a high-quality, self-sufficient workforce that is highly valued by Wyoming employers.

Served as the Vice Chairman of the Wyoming Parole Board, Vice Chairman of the Uinta County Schoold District #4 Board of Trustees, Vice Chairman of the Uinta County Development Commission, member of the Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom (To develop students’ understanding of Wyoming’s vast resources in order that they become informed citizens, capable of serving as stewards for Wyoming’s future), steering committee member of the Uinta Suicide Prevention Coalition, Board of Director member for the Wyoming Economic Development Association.  Chairman of the Wyoming Mining Association Regulatory Affairs Committee, Vice Chairman of the Industrial Mining Association – North America Environmental Subcommittee. 

I have been married to my wonderful wife of 32 years, Lorie and am the proud parents of 5 children.  My hobbies include the restoration and rebuilding of classic automobiles with my last one being a 1964 Corvette.  Hobbies also include the restoration of hit and miss engines that includes machining in my shop, heavy equipment operation, building and almost anything that has to do with electrical or mechanical repair.  Lastly, I enjoy researching my ancestry and discovering more about them.

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10 Characteristics of
True Leaders

The world needs strong and effective leadership – in government, at work, and in our homes. No doubt you have seen, and may be frustrated by, the leadership void that seems to be growing. People are abdicating their power for various reasons. Now, more than ever, leaders need to be operating at their best.


The greatest leaders are impeccable with their word, and care about doing the right thing. Their actions match their words and are congruent with their values.

Positive Attitude

Great leaders find a way to solve a problem or overcome a new challenge. They choose to exude the type of attitude that will influence their team in a positive way.


Passion fuels great leaders. It is a never-ending source of energy that separates the doers from the dreamers. It is what initially attracts followers and inspires them.


Great leaders know where they’re headed and why. They’ve always got one foot in the future and one in the present. They view their role as manifesting their vision of the future.


Confidence is necessary for staying the course when things get tough. Great leaders have an abundance of confidence, without being arrogant. They accept what they’re not good at and are self-secure so that they surround themselves with people whose strengths complement their own.


True leaders strive for excellence and doing their best and achieve results. They hold themselves and their team accountable to commitments made and own their decisions and actions.

Growth Minded

The best leaders are deeply dedicated to continuous improvement and life-long learning. They are constantly seeking ways to grow and improve themselves, so they remain competent and relevant.

Servant Hearted

True leaders genuinely care about others and have a desire to serve. They consider it a high honor and responsibility to serve those they have been given the privilege to lead.


Great leaders strive to be excellent communicators. They are responsive and reliable and deliver on their commitments. They listen to others and are sincere and consistent in what and how they communicate.


They set their people up for success. They don’t leave them to fend for themselves, nor do they throw them under a bus – for any reason.

The best leaders share several traits and attitudes. Sometimes you can get caught in the swirl of constant change and forget your own development as a leader. However, your leadership and continued growth as a leader is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.


Service, Accolades, Accomplishments, etc.

  • Board of Directors member, Wyoming Economic Development Association (current)
  • Vice Chairman, Uinta Economic Development Commission (past)
  • Uinta Economic Development Commission Member (current)
  • Commander, VFW Post 7798 (current)
  • Chairman, Wyoming Mining Association, Regulatory Affairs Committee (current)
  • Recipient of the 2021 Wyoming Mining Association’s Peck Awards for “outstanding voluntary community service.” The award also honors its namesake Peck family’s efforts to improve the state and their community, as well as the family’s commitment to the Wyoming mining community (current)
  • Vice Chairman, International Mining Association - North America, Environmental Affairs Committee (current)
  • Steering Committee Member, Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom (current)
  • Member, Uinta County Suicide Prevention Task Force (current)
  • Vice Chairman, State of Wyoming Board of Parole 
  • Chairman, Wyoming Workforce Development Council
  • Vice Chairman, National Governors Association, National Association of State Workforce Board
  • Vice Chairman, Uinta County School District #4 Board of Trustees
  • USAFR 419th Avionics Technician of the Year 1997 
  • Nominated for Non-Commissioned Officer Airman of the Year 1997
  • Performance Enhanced Promotion (PEP) to Master Sergeant based on performance, leadership and professionalism 
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