Important Issues

Protect our land, resources, and people

Ensure our water rights are preserved in light of an ever-increasing drought and impact of the Colorado River Compact in Uinta County

Protect conservative Republican values

Guard against infringement of increased political agendas that are counter to our conservative Republican values, platform and beliefs

Build Educational and Career Opportunities

Building our children’s education in their formative years to ensure there are more options for them to reside in our State without the necessity of moving out of state to seek employment, raise a family, etc.

Vocational training opportunities to meet the increased demand of new careers (TerraPower, Spire, Carbon Storage, Hydrogen Storage, Natural Gas production, etc.)

Prevent Suicide in youth and veterans

Find and build systems, supports mechanisms, processes to prevent suicides in our youth and veterans. Wyoming ranks 1st in suicide, 4th in adolescents and veterans

Guard against future taxation, loss of freedoms and litigation

The Biden inflation crisis makes it more difficult for families to make ends meet. Right now, families simply can’t afford any more tax increases. I will fight to keep our taxes low and find ways to reduce our tax burdens during this difficult time.

Common sense solutions that are constituency based 

I believe in common sense, fact based decision making that represents you, our communities and Uinta County.

Uinta Ambassador

Uinta Ambassador that articulates and promotes Uinta County as a critical player in Wyoming’s success

Limiting Federal Government, Demand Fiscal Restraint

As a Republican I support limited government involvement in economic decisions.  Fighting against the Democratic party that believes the government is needed to regulate the economy.  In economic downturns, Democrats favor deficit spending to revive the economy, which I firmly reject!